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Rupert A. Byrdsong

Stanley Mosk

  • This judge seems to be more concerned about being popular than he does being fair or impartial. Seems like he wants to be an actor. He was very hostile to community members who came to support what was supposed to be a public courtroom.


  • I think this judge conducted a biased trial. Among items that I thought were (at best) unusual policies and behaviors that biased against the plaintiff: -frequent eye rolling and slumping over his desk during testimony, almost exclusively during questioning by her counsel -sustaining almost all objections by opposing counsel -permitting extensive hostile argumentation of the plaintiff by opposing counsel, in spite of objections by her counsel -suddenly implementing extreme measures of policing within and around the courtroom including: 4-12 sheriff deputies patrolling the courtroom including one sitting next to the jury; restricting in/out of the courtroom; requiring lock up of publics’ cell phones by sheriff deputies; BLOCKING OFF AN ADDITIONAL ROW OF 6 SEATS FOR THE PUBLIC (12 of 48 had already blocked for court. And then allowing a off-duty cop to sit in the newly-blocked row as a public observer.) I could not believe these behaviors were occurring, or how some of them could be considered professional or within protocol. There is no question in my mind that it must have influenced the jury.


  • Calling women chicks is unacceptable, posting a Black women’s address while protecting others address is biased & evil.