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File a Complaint

You might not realize that a judge is behaving in a way that requires discipline. Did the judge roll their eyes at you? Did the judge show a bias towards the prosecutor? Well that qualifies as judicial misconduct and you have the right to to file a complaint with the commission.

The Commission on Judicial Performance (CJP) is an independent state agency dedicated to investigating complaints from community members of any judicial misconduct and for disciplining judges.

File a complaint with the CJP

• Filing a Complaint FAQ

• Online Complaint Form

These are some examples of type of misconducts that the commission will review:

  • Abusive and improper treatment of lawyers, litigants, witnesses, jurors, court staff or others.
  • Abuse of contempt or sanctions where a judge consistently and unjustly issues contempt citations or imposes excessive sanctions on individuals involved in a case without proper justification or due process.
  • Delay in decision-making.
  • Criminal behavior.
  • Improper use of a judge’s authority.
  • Publicly commenting on a pending case.
  • Advisory letter to judge (confidential)
  • Private admonishment of judge (confidential)
  • Public admonishment of judge
  • Public censure
  • Removal from office