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A. Verónica Sauceda


  • This judge is completely corrupt, she supports parent alienation and contempt of visitation court orders, she shows bias to attorneys who submit falsified paperwork to the courts, then she lies and blames it on Statue of Limitations, she relies on corrupt precedent of unethical attorneys case law. If you have to go up against her, do yourself a favor, To request a new judge – in a family law child custody case in California, you can file a Peremptory Challenge under California Code of Civil Procedure Section 170.6. I should have done just that…


  • The not so honorable Veronica Sauceda has zero place on the bench. She feeds into drama, doesn’t prepare or go over the evidence presented, refuses to hear testimony of a professional monitoring, facilitates and promotes parental alienation and all together shows complete legal incompetence. She decides the fate of families in 15 minutes or less, focusing on pettiness and unprovable lies. Whittier should be ashamed to allow such behavior. I’m not sure how she sleeps and night and am surprised that children have not been lost under her watch, or maybe they have. This judge flips a coin and bases decisions that way. She shows extreme bias and needs to be disbarred. She is a clear indication of a failed legal system that is ruining our children. It is painfully obvious that she does not believe in bringing families together, but promotes alienating parents from their children through her gross negligence. Take her off the bench before a child dies!!


  • I went to court to be supportive of my brother and for my nieces and this judge has an issue with my whole family, we are the only family showing up for my nieces and she wants to take it upon herself to ask if his kids moms family gets visitations with his kids, this don’t even have nothing to do with her, All our black family shows up to support and she acts like it’s a problem. Does she know what court she is in and what law she is supposed to be following? No she don’t, PERIODT like FR. It feels like it’s a race thing because we are the public, we are aloud to be there and she should see us and see we are loving and supportive and she should be respectful. She acts like we are doing something wrong, we didn’t break no laws and my brother gets harassed by cops but she acts like he’s the one at fault, petty crimes is all they get him for. Bogus cases they file on him, judges should be getting at the police for being petty. Watch the news don’t act like cops aren’t petty. Anyways I’m gonna have everyone in my family complain about this Judge because she is rude and disrespectful to all of us.


  • I remember her from CPT too on a case with my 2nd baby mom. I would like to know how many times she been accused of being prejudice because she act like she don’t know about Afro Latinos, I’m black and wanted my kids to be with black family because their moms side is racist. This judge looked confused by my whole existence. I’m black and I’m Latino and yeah I’m tripping on my kids having to deal with racism, is that a problem? NO IT AINT, hear what I’m saying.


  • Respectful to all parties and very considerate to LEP parties!


  • Inept judge and should have never been elected. Was a horrible commissioner and now an even worse judge. No concept of law or its understanding. Paper her every time.


  • I had her in Family Court in Compton. She was the worst. Didn’t allow my advocates to sit with me,who provided support to me in these type of stressful and trauma triggering events. An Incident with my children’s dad led to DCFS involvement but my children were never taken by them, but due to missing a court date in her court she gave their dad solel custody. She would call me litigious as I went to the process of gaining custody back, but to no avail, because she didn’t like how evidence was presented to her, which I present 3 times. Overall money and time was wasted because of Family Courts giving these judges the ability to utilize discretion, no reoccurring training on DV or racial diversity. This system is working just right and doing what has been happening to us indigenous people since the European colonists began discovering our land, which has destroyed our families and our natural rights. Her decision to give sole custody has literally taken food out of my children’s mouth, due to me not able to claim them for Cal Fresh. I have 2 degrees and working towards my 3rd. I’m a home owner and have been providing for my now 6 year old twins majority of the time by myself before and after her decision.Covid really has did a number on me but I don’t stop, stay strong and most of the time being positive. I remember her calling my case last because I truly believe she didn’t want an audience of how she talk to me,pass judgment on me, her misconduct, abuse of judicial power and her violation of my rights. These judges are voted in. Sometimes without someone to run against them, like a secret code of conduct to get each other in as judges. She came from Traffic Court to Family Court. Again lack of training for Family Court. Its going to take educating the community and getting the right judges for the betterment of our communities. There has to be a outside committee develop to hear and process our grievances about these judges so these judges can be held accountable, have the ability to put them on leave without pay, disbarred and/ or bring legal actions against them.