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Elizabeth Potter Scully

Stanley Mosk

  • Scully is one of the most biased judges I ever had the misfortune to meet. She let my ex commit several felonies (lying on official court papers, lying in court to the judge, and lying to get court orders) and Scully did not report them to the police. I gave Scully hard proof that my ex was lying to her and Scully ignored it. I had my cases evaluated by other judges and they basically laughed at Scully’s for not knowing the law. TRY AS HARD AS YOU CAN TO GET ANOTHER JUDGE.


  • Judge Scully appeared to be inept and had to use the internet to research a law!! She also displayed subtle racist remarks


  • I learned there was complaints against judge Scully. I want you to know that she is the nicest judge that there is. She told me that she would take care of me and she has!! She rules in my favor almost of the time. She has ignored all of the “evidence” that my ex-husband submitted. Best of all she acted like he never submitted anything. She has even let me subpoena my ex-husbands bank and employment record and have it sent to my house. She doesn’t care if what I wrote on court documents was truthful or not. She took care of it by stating I “checked the wrong boxes”. She is the best judge ever. She even let me have a hearing with her without notifying my ex-husband and best of all she issued an earnings assignment without him being there. How great is that! Judge Scully is fantastic. She has proven she will always be on my side no matter what!!


  • The judge was in Harry she did not hear both parties equally, she was not fair in her decision I don’t want that judge ever again.