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Kimberley Baker Guillemet

Clara Shortridge Foltz CJC

  • Does not follow Humphrey! Goes based off bail schedule. Does not let people out on their own recognizance even when flight risk, public safety risk, etc are not issues.


  • Judge Guillemet often disregards defense arguments for release and adds extra conditions if she does release people, even when the prosecutor doesn’t ask for them/agrees with the public defender. In two hours only once did she mention ability to pay bail, but then did no analysis. She did not care whether or not someone could afford bail or make any attempt to impose the least restrictive conditions possible, per the law.


  • Inexperienced with a gross sense of entitlement!


  • Judge Kimberley Baker Guillemet is a huge fourth amendment violator and she hasn’t been a judge for that long. Easily manipulated by DA investigators and accepting of their lies at face value with very little if any due diligence obviously. Not sure how she got the appointment because her lack of experience is witnessed almost daily and it’s the people unfortunate enough to have go before her who get shortchanged the most. If you should ever see her name on a search warrant executed at your place, analyze it carefully because there’s a chance it’s BS and in more ways than one.