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Kathleen Blanchard

Antelope Valley

  • SHE ALONE PRESENTS THE BIGGEST ILLEGAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, VIOLATING AND MOST IMPACTFUL FACT BASED AND GENERALIZED CONFLICT OF INTEREST FOR ANY AND ALL ACTUAL DEFENDANTS WHOM COME BEFORE HER IN A CRIMINAL CASE AS THE CHARGED. This woman in her approx. 15 years as a sitting judge in LA County is married to a high ranking LA County Sheriff, who not only served next to Leroy Baca, the Sheriff Felon, Paul Tanaka his right hand Snitch but also the CORRUPT and evasive Sheriff Gang member Alex Villanueva. If that doesnt resonate with anyone, I can explain further. But I dont feel the need. A simple signature without explaination (Taxation without representation) to allow this woman to rule over MY case is not enough to legalize this high level of corruption in which these judges get to water the seeds that the deputies are planting. She makes unlawful decisions and is unlawful on all levels. Being unfair isnt even the word. She should have never been allowed to pass the bar and become an official in the justice system!


  • This judge was not very sensitive, I could not understand everything going on and she kept going. She asked if i needed a translator but didnt let me answer. I cant hear from my right ear and not that well my left ear.


  • She’s not for the people unfairness!


  • This judge is biased and discriminatory towards Latinx individuals. She is culturally incompetent and she demonstrates unethical,inequitable, and discriminatory behaviors and actions towards Latinx individuals who encounter her courtroom.